When it comes to Christmas dinner, everyone has their own secrets to cook it perfectly. But if there's someone whose tips are worth being considered, that's definitely celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay! The television personality has an impressive career in the culinary world, which is why it doesn't surprise us at all to know he has more than 20 restaurants across Europe, Asia, and North America. 

If you have been wondering how to cook Christmas dinner properly, RadioTimes has shared Gordon Ramsay's tips!

Gordon Ramsay at the 12th annual Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appetit Grand Tasting event, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2018

How to cook Christmas dinner? These are celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's recommendations:

  • Put a timetable down: According to the fabulous Gordon, it is not important to follow a minute-by-minute schedule, but it is helpful if you know exactly what to do during the day
  • Prepare your veggies: Gordon Ramsay says you can actually blanch carrots and potatoes one day in advance so it would take only 45 minutes to cook them 
  • Let the turkey rest: This is Gordon's ultimate tip. According to him, the best way to cook the turkey is by putting it in the oven at 8 am, taking it out at around 11:30 am, turning it upside down and letting it rest -covered- for about 45 minutes!
  • Make it less stressful: Some things like the gravy can be done one week before Christmas dinner. According to the celebrity chef, you can add the resting turkey juices to that gravy as a special touch!
  • Keep it simple: Parsley, lemon, and garlic butter, are the only ingredients you need to make the turkey taste delicious!
  • Last but not least: Enjoy!