• Hugh Grant's Oscar interview is making waves
  • Was his behavior towards Ashley Graham a no go?
  • There's a lot of discussion going on online

British humor can be very difficult to understand sometimes. Perhaps that's what happened here. When asked by Graham if he was looking forward to any specific actors who might win, Grant replied, "No, not in particular." But that wasn't Grant's only dismissive answer of the night.

Hugh Grant is raising some eyebrows with this one

When asked what he wore to the Oscars, he only replied: "My suit". When the model then asked him about the film Glass Onion, in which Grant had a cameo role, he simply replied: "Well, I'm barely in it. I'm in it for about three seconds," Hugh said.

Also interesting:

Remaining professional, Graham prodded, "Yeah, but you still showed up and had fun, right?" to which Grant replied, "Um, almost." Twitter users were divided over Grant's behavior. Some found it amusing and entertaining, while others found his terse and sarcastic responses rude. 

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