Kesha "Reclaiming" Her Happiness With New Album 'High Road'

Rising above tragedy and coming out strong!

Kesha "Reclaiming" Her Happiness With New Album 'High Road'

The actors have been "feuding" for years!

The hilarious feud all started when both actors announced they would help one another promote and create commercials for each of their side projects.

Reynolds has his Aviation Gin, and Jackman has his Laughing Man coffee brand.

Things however didn't go according to plan when Jackman apparently couldn't find anything nice to say about Reynolds' Aviation Gin.

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Jackman then says in the new clip, “The gin’s OK… It’s gotta be 30 seconds, right? I’m not doing it 45.”

“Ryan didn’t have any of this lighting, right? In his thing? I want to make sure we look the same age and stuff," Jackman jokes.

Reynolds has yet to reply, but we will be sure to watch when he does!

The previous truce can be watched below: