• Humphrey Bogart is an all-time great actor
  • The movie legend only lived to age 57
  • Learn what caused his death in our video 

In the early 50s, Humphrey Bogart was still in front of the camera with Audrey Hepburn for the romantic comedy Sabrina. Of course, he also appeared in this film with cigarettes in his mouth.

What Caused The Death Of Humphrey Bogart?

Smoking was just as much a part of Humphrey Bogart's identity as his trench coat, which became his trademark. But in the middle of the decade, his health in his mid-50s went rapidly downhill.

Humphrey Bogart: How The Film Legend Died

Humphrey Bogart delivered one last performance in the 1956 film The Harder They Fall. He would pass away the next year.

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