• Shauna Rae is an American reality star
  • She is known to audiences from the show I Am Shauna Rae
  • Rae became famous due to a medical condition that afflicts her

Her story became quite the television sensation. Here are some facts about Shauna that many people don't know, starting with her relationship status. Shauna has a boyfriend according to People magazine. She was nervous at first, but is now happily in a relationship with her boyfriend Dan!

Shauna is an inspiration to many just like her!

She has gained a substantial following online, and is always keeping fans updated on her life:

Also interesting:

Did you know that Shauna started a fashion line? Given her condition it was always difficult to find clothes in her size. She is now working on a fashion line that makes clothes for adults in smaller sizes like hers!

Watch the video above to learn more!