• Jennifer Grey was in a relationship with Matthew Broderick
  • Shortly after, she dated Johnny Depp
  • Within a month, she was engaged to both of them

Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey, 62, has not minced her words lately. In her new autobiography Out Of The Corner, the actress takes a look at her life.

In the book, she talks among other things about her ex Johnny Depp and raises serious allegations against him. Now comes the next major revelation: she was apparently engaged to two men in the same month!

Jennifer Grey dating history: Matthew Broderick to Johnny Depp

On Drew Barrymore's talk show, Jennifer Grey now reveals: "I was engaged to Matthew Broderick and Johnny Depp in the same month." Matthew Broderick met her on the set of Ferris Bueller's Day Off in 1986. However, their relationship didn't last long. 

Also interesting:

A short time later she had a new man by her side in Johnny Depp. And so it happened that her split from Matthew fell in the same month as her engagement to Johnny Depp. "It was really a sign that there was trouble afoot on my part," Jennifer Grey said on the talk show.

"I just thought it was God rescuing me from one bad situation and just lovingly plopping me into a Johnny Depp souffle," she continues. In the end, Jennifer Grey was never happy with either man.

In 2001 she finally found love with Clark Gregg. Their marriage came to an end, however, in 2021.