• Linda Hamilton became a superstar thanks to Terminator
  • Since then, she has undergone a blatant transformation
  • In 2019 she celebrated her Terminator comeback

We show you in our video the amazing transformation of actress Linda Hamilton. At the beginning of her career, she starred in smaller low-budget films before she made her big breakthrough with Children of The Corn in 1984 at the age of 28

Linda Hamilton became a megastar through Terminator

That same year, Terminator was released and Linda became a megastar overnight alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Since then, the actress has appeared in more prominent films such as Dante's Peak, various series roles, and in the second part of Terminator.

In 2019, the "Sarah Connor" actress celebrated her comeback with the film Terminator: Dark Fate. The actress does not want to hide that age has not passed Linda Hamilton without a trace, on the contrary: she shows herself as an aged "Sarah Connor" from the future.

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'80s & '90s Star Linda Hamilton Today

Still beautiful and badass!

'80s & '90s Star Linda Hamilton Today

Terminator: Dark Fate should be considered a direct sequel to the second Terminator film, ignoring subsequent films. 

Today Linda is still blonde, but she wears her hair much shorter. Just like in the past, the actress is still an absolute eye-catcher on the red carpet. She still looks stunning to this day in her glamorous gowns. 

No matter what age and look she wears, Linda Hamilton looks just as great as ever.