It's been more than one year since the celebrity chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain passed away after committing suicide on a location in France where he was filming one of his most successful shows and the most recent one, Parts Unknown, which, as many other television series he worked on, focused on the exploration of international culture, cuisine, and human condition. 

Born in 1956 in New York City, Anthony Bourdain graduated of The Culinary Institute of America and was also known for being the executive chef of different venues like Brasserie Les Halles, in Manhattan. Apart from that, Anthony published the bestselling book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly in 2000, and started to appear on television in the 2002 Food Network's hit A Cook's Tour, for a total of 35 episodes. Later on he hosted the Travel Channel's culinary and cultural adventure programs Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations from 2005 to 2012, and The Layover from 2011 to 2013. 

Anthony Bourdain - A true culinary legend

The celebrity chef was highly praised for his culinary writings and television presentations, he loved to visit different countries all over the world, where his main point was contacting locals to see how they prepared their food and to share with them some of the cultural aspects of their daily lives. His point of view was certainly special as he combined his passion for food with his passion for interacting with human beings and learning from their different cultures, which also means that he never hesitated when he had the opportunity to try certain local dishes, no matter how exotic they were. Their fans always loved to see him trying a variety of local dishes like ant eggs in Puebla, Mexico, for instance, or an entire cobra -beating heart, blood, bile, and meat—in Vietnam

Anthony Bourdain was also very popular due to the fact that he was considered a rock star. In some of his television shows like No Reservations and Parts Unknown, he had some special guests like Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop, and fans were very delighted to see them having lunch or dinner together. At some point in his career, he was named "the original rock star" of the culinary world and the "culinary bad boy," due to his liberal use of profanity and sexual references in most of his appearances on television.

Anthony Bourdain: He will always remain in our hearts

Back in 2018, Anthony Bourdain was filming an episode of Parts Unknown in Strasbourg, France. The first week of June he was found dead in his room at Le Chambard hotel, near the French region of Colmar. He was travelling with his longtime friend Éric Ripert, who eventually got worried after Anthony was missing dinner and breakfast. By the time his body was found, no signs of violence were apparent and eventually, the local authorities revealed that it was an apparent case of impulsive suicide; toxicology results were negative for narcotics. 

Anthony Bourdain died at the age of 61, 17 days before turning 62, his body was cremated in France on June 13th, 2018 and his ashes were returned to his hometown a couple of days later. Back then he was dating Italian actress Asia Argento, whom he met when she appeared in one episode of Parts Unknown, filmed in Rome.

Rest in peace, dear Anthony!

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