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In Memoriam: Through The Years With Siegfried & Roy

In Memoriam: Through The Years With Siegfried and Roy

The international magic sensation that was Siegfried and Roy caught the attention of fans around the world for their incredible shows involving white tigers, lions, and other animals. The German-born duo has since passed, and so we thought we would celebrate their incredible careers by taking a look back at where all the magic started... 

Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn were a famous German-born magician duo who took the world by storm with their incredible illusions and performances involving white tigers and other animals. 

The duo had a long-standing show in Las Vegas and spent many years showcasing their incredible skills. However, tragedy struck in 2003 when during one of their shows, Roy Horn was mauled by a tiger. Since then, Roy has passed away from the coronavirus in 2020 and now, his longtime partner Siegfried has also passed in January of 2021.

In Memoriam: Through The Years With Siegfried & Roy

Siegfried and Roy

Take a look at the video above to celebrate the magic duo and look back at their incredible careers...