• Dakota Johnson is best know for the '50 Shades of Grey' film saga
  • She is also a beauty and fashion icon in Hollywood
  • THIS is her epic self-care routine that few can match

Hollywood's very own Dakota Johnson, 34, the dazzling star of 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' has the internet buzzing with her latest sleep confessions! In a candid tell-all with the 'Wall Street Journal', the actress spilled the beans on her need for a whopping 10 hours of sleep to function, and sometimes even indulges in a luxurious 14-hour snooze fest.

"Sleep is my number one priority in life," she declares. But what do the experts have to say about this?

Well...she can afford it!

Dakota's no alarm clock policy has us all green with envy. "If I’m not working, I will sleep as long as I can," she admits. But before you cancel your morning alarms, experts chime in with a reality check.

Shelby Harris, a sleep guru and author, suggests that while 7-9 hours is the norm, some may deviate. Yet, surpassing 10 hours could leave you feeling like you've had one too many at the sleep bar – groggy and foggy!

For many people. oversleeping can be a terrible thing and can lead to imbalances in brain chemistry and even a loss of appetite, as one's sleep cycle is not regulated to match with our natural circadian rhythms.

Research is king when it comes to sleep, and it seems seven hours is the golden ticket for the middle-aged and older crowd. Teens, on the other hand, should aim for 8-10 hours, as per the American Academy of Sleep Medicine's guidelines.

But Dakota's 14-hour sleep marathons? That might just be a tad overboard. When it comes to self-care rituals, Dakota loves taking a bath at anytime of the day. 

What about the rest of her routine?

"I will get in a bathtub at any moment, any time of the day. If in the middle of the day, I’m like, "Oh God, what is this world?" I’ll get in the bathtub. I find water really grounding," she explained.

As for her diet, Johnson said she is "not really a breakfast person." "But I have coffee as quickly as I can," she said. "I love an oat milk flat white."

This time of year can be a huge break in routine for most. Fortunately for Johnson, she finds that the holidays with her family are pretty stress-free.

"My family doesn’t really have holiday traditions. We’re kind of free-flowing in that department. We’re all very good at not applying stress to each other to show up or behave in a certain way, which I think is really nice," she said.

Johnson, the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, has been in a relationship with Chris Martin since 2017.

Sure, we've all dreamed of hitting snooze indefinitely, but there is such a thing as too much sleep. Sarah Silverman, a behavioral sleep medicine specialist, warns that excessive sleep could flag underlying issues like hypersomnia or sleep apnea.

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Remember, folks, sleep is personal – one size does not fit all!

Want to sleep like a star without overdoing it? Here's the lowdown: stick to a consistent sleep schedule, wind down with some pre-sleep relaxation, and make your bedroom a snooze palace. Ditch the late-night snacks, caffeine, and electronics to avoid a sleep hangover.

And don't forget to get your sweat on with regular exercise for that A-list sleep quality.

So, is Dakota Johnson's sleep routine a Hollywood fad or a wellness revolution? While we all may not have the luxury of 14-hour sleep sessions, a good night's rest remains the ultimate celebrity secret to staying fabulous!