• Kourtney Kardashian is a full time mom
  • She had weird ritual for it
  • Fans are shocked

Embracing attachment parenting and cultural traditions, Kourtney's post-birth plan sparks conversations about motherhood and healing.

A Cultural and Personal Choice

In an astonishing revelation on this week’s episode of 'The Kardashians', Kourtney Kardashian, the famed reality TV star and Lemme founder, has decided to put herself on a 40-day lockdown after welcoming her baby boy, Rocky Thirteen, into the world.

This decision marks a significant moment for Kourtney, as Rocky is her first child with punk rock drummer Travis Barker, and her fourth child overall.

Kourtney's choice to stay indoors for over a month postpartum has left her fans and family members buzzing with curiosity. Explaining her decision, she cited cultural practices where new mothers do not leave their homes for 40 days to allow their bodies ample time to recover.

"In many different cultures, women don’t leave the house after having a baby for 40 days," Kourtney shared, highlighting the importance of this healing period.

Beyond cultural reasons, Kourtney is also a staunch advocate for attachment parenting. She expressed her deep commitment to bonding with baby Rocky during this crucial time.

Her dedication to spending quality time with Rocky has led her to forgo a family vacation to Aspen, showcasing her prioritization of motherhood over social engagements.

The Lemme founder further explained her decision, saying, "I’m really into attachment parenting. I really don’t separate from him. I love being at home right now, like my time is dedicated to taking care of my bay and bonding with him."

While Kourtney Kardashian's 40-day house arrest might seem extreme to some, it underscores her effort to balance her public persona with her private life as a new mother. By choosing to lay low after Rocky's birth, Kourtney has sparked a broader conversation on postpartum practices, attachment parenting, and the pressures faced by celebrity mothers.

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As fans and followers of 'The Kardashians' await more glimpses into Kourtney's life as a mom of four, her post-birth journey with Rocky Thirteen continues to captivate and inspire discussions on motherhood, healing, and family dynamics.