• Drew Barrymore is the host of her new show, The Drew Barrymore Show 
  • She has celebrity guests on her show all the time, and this week had Ross Matthews
  • Some of her most famous exes include Tom Green, and Will Kopelman

Drew Barrymore isn't afraid to let us know some personal details of her dating life! The Hollywood icon is opening up on her show The Drew Barrymore Show about the only "action" she's getting these days!

Drew Barrymore dreams of her ex

While on her talk show, the 47-year-old actress and mother spoke with Ru Paul's Drag Race judge Ross Matthews about her dating life and revealed that she's not getting much in the romance department, but her dreams have her covered!

Drew Barrymore attends the 8th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony.

Matthews shared that a recent article put out by the New York Times suggests that in a recent study, it was found that many people still have dreams of their exes.

"[Have you] ever had a dream of an ex that made you go, oooh?" Matthews asked.

"I think that’s the only place I'm getting action these days Ross, is in my dreams," Barrymore joked.

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She continued, "Every, like, six months I'll have the hottest dream and I'll be like, 'Oh my God.'" 

She noted that having these dreams reminds her that she still has a libido and that she "still has a pulse".

Barrymore has recently talked about some of the quirks of dating in the modern age, and revealed that she gave up online dating after being stood up once, and then shortly after was matched with someone 20 years her junior.