• Jamie Foxx shares details about mystery hospitalization
  • The actor opens up in a new video
  • He had a near-death experience

It all started innocently enough with what Jamie described as a "bad headache" during the filming of 'Back in Action' in Atlanta. But what followed was a terrifying ordeal that saw the actor lose nearly three weeks of his life to a coma-like state. "I was gone for 20 days," Jamie recounted, leaving fans and followers in shock. The severity of his condition was underscored by his family's quick action, with his sister and daughter rushing him to medical care that ultimately saved his life.

A star-studded comeback

Fast forward to December 2023, and Jamie Foxx made a triumphant return to the public eye at the Critics Choice Association's event, walking to the stage to accept the Vanguard Award. His 12-minute speech was a poignant reflection on his journey, filled with gratitude, humor, and a newfound respect for life. "I cherish every single minute now—it's different," Jamie shared, touching hearts and drawing laughter as he quipped about being a clone.

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Throughout his recovery, Jamie's family, particularly his sister and daughter, played a pivotal role. Their unwavering support not only helped him through the darkest times but also brought them closer together. Jamie's ordeal also deepened his appreciation for his craft. "Don't give up on your art, man," he urged, emphasizing the importance of holding onto one's passion in the face of adversity.

'Back in Action and beyond

Despite the setback, Jamie's resilience shone through as he returned to work on 'Beat Shazam' and resumed filming 'Back in Action' alongside Cameron Diaz. The film, eagerly anticipated by fans, promises to be a blockbuster hit upon its release on November 15. Jamie's return to social media was met with an outpouring of love and support, a testament to his enduring popularity and the collective relief at his recovery.

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In a lighter vein, Jamie's daughter, Corrine, shared delightful updates on her father's recovery, including his newfound obsession with pickleball. She also recounted a touching story of her fiancé's heroic act during a family trip, earning Jamie's seal of approval in a moment that perfectly encapsulates the actor's humor and warmth.