• Jane Fonda appeared on the Andy Cohen show
  • She is open about her sex life
  • She gives Andy Cohen parenting advice

Jane Fonda doesn't shy away and chats openly during her appearance on the Andy Cohen show. So the actress is of the opinion that sex is better in old age than at a young age.

The Hollywood legend knows exactly what she's talking about. The older women get, the clearer communication with their lovers becomes, says the attractive actress.

Jane Fonda talks about sex

Jane Fonda shares good sex advice on the show: "Women, I think, tend to get better because they lose their fear of saying what they need," the actress explained on the show.

"We waste way too much time not wanting to say, ‘Wait a minute, hold, hold it, hold it. No, no, no. Slow down. And a little to the left.’ We don’t wanna do that…"

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Jane Fonda gives tips to Andy Cohen

Speaking to presenter Andy Cohen, who recently welcomed a daughter, the Grace and Frankie actress also shared her top parenting tips for dads. 

To learn more about what she had to say, check out the video above!