Being a mother is hard work, and it has been made even more challenging following the Coronavirus outbreak that has gripped the world, forcing many families to hunker down at home.

Despite being a celeb, Jenna Dewan is not exempt from finding this time hard, especially since giving birth to a baby boy in March, during the peak of the outbreak.

Jenna Dewan navigates parenthood through a pandemic

Since giving birth to her son in March, Jenna Dewan has learned one of the most important things she can do is carve out time to take care of herself in between caring for her newborn Callum, and her 7-year-old daughter with ex-husband Channing Tatum, Everly.

In an interview with People, the world-renowned dancer says that she has to make a conscious effort to remember to take time for herself in between caring for her kids.

"I had to remember that I needed to look after myself too, during this whole process," she explained, saying that her son was born a week before everyone was asked to stay home.

"I’ve been trying to find time for centering and balance with meditation," she said. "That’s been hugely important after having a baby. You kind of come back into yourself and take some me-time."

The actress also said that she feels her best when she's up and moving.

"I feel powerful from dancing," she said. "Pilates, strength training, hiking — it's really about getting my body moving and feeling the strength come back because when I am a little too sedentary and not moving my body as much, I definitely notice that it affects my mind, it affects my willpower, my emotional state."

"So I just find things that remind me to keep a strong body," she added.

Dewan also revealed that she had a hard time recovering from the birth of her son, as she had a c-section, and noticed that focusing on her gut-health has been essential.

"After giving birth and having a C-section, there was a lot of gut health that I was focused on solving," she said.

Adding her 80/20 method, Dewan said, "I try to eat healthily, make good choices and do my green smoothies 80 percent of the time. And then I give myself 20 percent of the time to splurge and eat what I want to eat and have my nachos and French fries and enjoy a little bit, have a glass of wine."

Dewan does admit that she is still trying to navigate through the pandemic and that it hasn't always been easy for her family.

"It's funny because having a baby is its own form of a quarantine in a sense," she said. "There's just a real grounding and hominess that happens after a baby anyway, but not being able to have family members and friends come visit was tough. Also, just the inherent stress that you are picking up on. Just seeing what’s happening in the world was the biggest challenge for me after having him."

"But it’s been an incredible family bonding time for all of us. We’ve been in the house with anything else distracting us, so that’s been a blessing," she adds.