• Jennifer Aniston is the star best known from Friends
  • The popular actress is know in her 50s
  • She recently shared a makeup-free photo

Before her big breakthrough, Jennifer Aniston wasn't really getting anywhere with her acting career. Then came Friends and it changed the lives of all involved, including their careers.

All the female cast members in the last season of the TV show, including Aniston, were the highest-paid actresses on television according to Guinness. They each earned a million dollars per episode of that season. This most likely helped Jennifer earn the #1 spot on Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2003.

Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup Will Blow You Away

Everyone knows she was married to Brad Pitt but in the late 90s, she was dating actor Tate Donovan. That was around the time that he voiced the title character in Disney's Hercules. Aniston has also been successful with her film career, starring in such movies as Bruce AlmightyThe Break-Up and Marley & Me

Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup: The Actress Is Truly Stunning

Currently, Aniston has returned to television with The Morning Show on Apple TV+. Jennifer has always been known for her beauty and she is also beautiful without makeup.

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Watch the video above to see Jennifer Aniston without makeup!