The role that started it all!

'A Beautiful Mind': Jennifer Connelly's Rise To Fame

Jennifer Connelly A Beautiful Mind Rise To Fame

Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind is one of her best-remembered roles and for good reason! The 2001 biopic would lead to the rising actress's exciting career to come. Make sure to watch the video to find out everything you need to know about Jennifer Connelly's rise to fame in A Beautiful Mind

Jennifer Connelly began her career in 1982 as a child model before moving to the big screen. Her acting debut would come in 1984 with the crime thriller Once Upon a Time In America and would continue to rise to fame with films including Dark City (1998) and Requiem for a Dream (2000).

The talented American actress’s biggest role to date has been in Ron Howard’s 2001 biopic A Beautiful Mind. The film, which follows the true story of the American mathematician, John Nash, was hailed by critics. Watch the video above for more information!

Jennifer Connelly A Beautiful Mind Rise To Fame

Jennifer Connelly wins the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind