• Jennifer Grey was a dance sensation
  • She also appeared in 'Friends'
  • The experience was not a positive one

Jennifer Grey reveals why 'Friends' was not fun

Today, everyone probably knows Jennifer Grey from her role as "Baby" in 'Dirty Dancing'. This dance film at the end of the eighties was her big breakthrough.

A few years later, in 1995 to be precise, Jennifer Grey was also seen in an episode of the blockbuster sitcom 'Friends'. In it, she played "Mindy", a high school friend of Jennifer Aniston's character "Rachel".

At first, Jennifer Grey was quite proud of the fact that she got to act in 'Friends', but that changed rather quickly.

She explained to 'MediaVillage': "I was a fan of the show and got the call to play the part. Then when I did it, I was so scared because they kept changing the script. It's very hard to be a guest star because you're not part of it and you're really trying to manage everything somehow," she says.

She was later diagnosed with anxiety

Jennifer Grey did not understand that she was suffering from anxiety at the time. Only later on did she realize that she needed support.

"I didn't know what was wrong with me at the time. But I had a lot of performance anxiety and I just didn't understand at the time that I needed help for my anxiety," she says.

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The actress declined the opportunity to reprise the role of "Mindy" later on. "When they asked me to come back, I said I couldn't. They got someone else to play the role. It makes me sad that I had to say no because of my fear. The truth is, I wish I had had people to help me cope with that kind of fear. But I couldn't be there until I managed that," says Jennifer Grey