• Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently married
  • They attended the Grammys together
  • Ben looked less than thrilled to be there

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s tense Grammys conversation has been revealed by professional lip readers. Clips of Lopez and Affleck at the Grammys have gone viral because the couple appeared to be unhappy and arguing. Ben clearly looked over the whole occasion...

It's not always easy to put on your best face

Page Six reports that a lip reader has determined what they were discussing when the camera caught their tense interaction. Lopez was reportedly aware that Affleck was trending for looking "miserable" at the awards show.

Also interesting:

She allegedly leaned over and said, "Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated.". Affleck reportedly replied, "I might." Is there trouble for the newlyweds already? Fans are brimming with speculation!

Watch the video above to learn more!