• Jeremy Renner gives us a new interview
  • The actor had a life-threatening accident back in January
  • He finally spoke about it

Hollywood star Jeremy Renner had a terrible accident on New Year's Day. He fell under his own snow plow. He suffered broken bones and bruised internal organs. But he saved his nephew's life!

Jeremy's family feared the worst

In an interview to be aired on US television on April 6, the 'Marvel' actor opens up about the incident for the first time, and gets emotional in the process. Journalist Diane Sawyer asks Renner if he would go through the horrific ordeal again.

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Without hesitation, Renner said this: "I would do it again, because it was going right at my nephew." It seems the "Hawkeye" actor is a superhero in real life too! Renner remembers everything, including the pain. His nephew also has his say in the interview...

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