• Jeremy Renner is an actor best known for The Avengers film saga
  • Renner is in critical condition after an unfortunate accident
  • Co-star Mark Ruffalo is asking fans for their prayers

These are precarious times for Jeremy Renner, his friends and his family. The whole world is waiting with anticipation to see if Renner will be able to make a full recovery from his accident, and get himself back on screen. Nobody more so than his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo!

Mark and Jeremy are more than just colleagues

Ruffalo who is best known for playing "The Hulk", is of course very concerned about his good friend Jeremy Renner. And Mark is going public with his support. He posted some moving words on his Instagram page writing this:

Also interesting:

"Prayers for our brother Jeremy Renner on a full and speedy recovery", tweeted Mark. Many fans are also tweeting and sharing their support for Renner. 

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