Jerry Seinfeld dives into his comedy past in new book

Jerry Seinfeld is said to dig deep into his comedy past, decade by decade.

Publishing house Simon & Schuster said the book will begin in the 1970s when Seinfeld was a standup comedian, working the college circuit.


“In page after hilarious page, one brilliantly crafted observation after another, readers will witness the evolution of one of the great comedians of our time and gain new insights into the thrilling but unforgiving art of writing standup comedy,” the publisher’s website says.

Jerry Seinfeld attends the LA Tastemaker event for Comedians in Cars

Seinfeld says he’s kept every joke he’s written

“Whenever I came up with a funny bit, whether it happened on a stage, in a conversation, or working it out on my preferred canvas, the big yellow legal pad, I kept it in one of those old-school accordion folders," Seinfeld says.

Over the course of his 45 year career, all of his notes will help fill the pages of his yet-to-be-titled book.

Simon & Schuster president Jonathan Karp adds, “Not only is the book brilliantly crafted and laugh-out-loud funny on every single page, but readers will be able to see Jerry and his comedy evolve through the years.”

Available in October, the book is already available for e-book pre-order.