• Politician George Santos is suing Jimmy Kimmel
  • The lawsuit alleges copyright infringement
  • THIS was Kimmel's response

Cameo is a website that lets users request content from celebrities for a fee. Santos alleges that Kimmel created fake profiles to buy videos of him and then aired them in a segment titled, "Will Santos Say It?," as CNN reports. "Defendants openly admitted to deceiving the Plaintiff under the guise of fandom [...]," a civil lawsuit said.

Jimmy don't care!

"[...]soliciting personalized videos only to then broadcast these on national television and across social media channels for commercial gain. Actions that starkly violate the original agreement and constitute clear copyright infringement."

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Olivia Rodrigo

It appears that she lacks a driver's license...

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Kimmel made fun of the lawsuit on Feb. 20. "Did anyone else get sued by George Santos this weekend? I am currently embroiled in what may be the most preposterous lawsuit of all time," Jimmy said on his show...

Watch the video above to learn more!