• Comedian Joe Rogan is back on Netflix
  • His latest special is coming August 3
  • THIS is fans can expect this time

Joe Rogan is all set to tickle your funny bones with his latest stand-up special, 'Joe Rogan: Burn The Boats,' premiering on Netflix next month. Known for his controversial yet captivating commentary, Rogan promises an evening of interesting takes in what is anticipated to be a comedy extravaganza.

Rogan's joke are not for all

A commentator for the UFC and a four-time tae kwon do state champion, the Boston native has additionally hosted the reality series 'Fear Factor' in 2011 and 2012.

He also played "Joe Garrelli" on the NBC comedy series 'NewsRadio.' He first caught the attention of casting directors of the 1994 sitcom 'Hardball' in which he portrayed a tactless, young baseball player.

After a six-year hiatus from stand-up specials, Rogan is making a grand return to the stage, following in the footsteps of comedy giants like Chris Rock who have also graced Netflix with live specials.

Scheduled to air on August 3 at 7pm PT, 'Joe Rogan: Burn The Boats' is the talk of the town, marking Rogan's third stand-up special on Netflix after the success of 'Triggered' in 2016 and 'Strange Times' in 2018.

Rogan, the voice behind the immensely popular 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast, has been a significant figure in the world of entertainment, seamlessly transitioning between podcasting and stand-up comedy.

Earlier this year, he made headlines with a whopping $250M deal to renew his podcast with Spotify, expanding its reach beyond the platform to include Apple and YouTube. This move, coupled with his return to stand-up comedy, solidifies Rogan's status as a versatile entertainer.

Netflix has recently hosted a number of widely buzzed about live comedy specials including a roast of former NFL quarterback Tom Brady and stand up specials with comics like Katt Williams and John Mulaney earlier this year.

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'Joe Rogan: Burn The Boats' promises to be a rollercoaster ride of laughter, wit, and perhaps a dash of controversy.

With Rogan's unique style and fearless approach to comedy, viewers can expect a night filled with hilarious observations on life, society, and everything in between. So mark your calendars and prepare for an evening of non-stop laughter with Joe Rogan on Netflix!