"The Body Coach" has been keeping his promise to become the 'Nation's PE teacher' during the COVID-19 outbreak despite breaking a bone in his right hand and suffering a painful injury. Not long after he went live on Instagram broadcasting an energetic workout for fans, he went to the hospital to get his cast changed!

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Joe Wicks Heads To The Hospital To Get His Cast Changed

Joe first showed off his bruised hand and wrist last week after revealing the injury was a result of falling off of his bike. Wicks has been keeping his followers up to date with the process, posting pictures of his hand before, during and after the casting procedure.

Joe Wicks shows off his new cast on Instagram

"The Body Coach" is also doing his part to give back to NHS workers. A few days ago he announced he would be donating all the money he makes during his online PE sessions on Instagram to the organisation. In just the first five days, Joe's channel got more than 5 million views!

"Thank you for watching, joining in and sharing … I’m loving being your PE Teacher and now you can watch again, knowing you’re not only staying fit, you’re also helping raise money for the NHS," he said during one of his videos.

Joe Wicks Is Donating Money To The NHS 

Make sure to follow "The Body Coach" on Instagram and stay healthy and active during the coronavirus quarantine! Today he posted a video addressing mental health: