• John Lennon has been dead for over 40 years
  • He was murdered in cold blood on December 9, 1980
  • THIS is what really happened according to witnesses

John Lennon's (†40) murder took place on December 8, 1980, and now witnesses are speaking out about the tragic night for the first time.

John Lennon's death: "He had blood coming out of his mouth"

The murder of John Lennon is the subject of the documentary 'John Lennon: Murder Without A Trial' on Apple TV+. One of the key witnesses during the night of the crime was the former Beatles member's cab driver, Richard Peterson.

"Lennon was walking in and this kid says, ''John Lennon.'' He was a chunky guy. I'm looking at him through the front window of my cab. I'm looking at him shoot him. This guy just shot John Lennon," he revealed. "I thought they were making a movie, but I didn't see no lights or cameras or anything so I realised, hey, this ain't no movie," Peterson added. 

Looking back, Peterson wishes he had reacted differently.

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Another witness, building concierge of Lennon's apartment, Joe Hastings, says: "He runs past me. He goes, ''I'm shot.'' He had blood coming out of his mouth. He just collapsed on the floor. I half rolled him to his back and took his glasses off, put them on the desk. And Yoko was screaming, ''Get an ambulance, get an ambulance, get an ambulance.''

To learn more, check out the Apple TV+ documentary 'John Lennon: Murder Without Trial' available to stream today.