• John Mayer is a celebrated American singer-songwriter
  • He is known for his music and his high-profile relationships
  • Mayer has been out of the dating scene in recent years

It's not easy being John Mayer. Especially when you can play guitar like no one else and the ladies are throwing themselves at you wherever you go. And to the surprise of many, John has been out of the dating scene for some time now. Many fans have wondered why the guitar-strumming heartthrob suddenly stopped dating.

John has taken stock of what is really important!

The truth is, John's personal life has experienced quite a few massive changes in recent times. Fans of his music can surely identify where and when these changes have happened, as Mayer is always very autobiographical in his albums... 

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John Mayer Responds To Death Threats

Mayer used to be notorious for going through many high-profile relationships including Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson! But he made a big change in his life that has also affected his views on dating. On Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast, John explained what exactly has brought about his new perspective.

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