• Lisa Marie Presley has passed away
  • Her sudden death came as a surprise to all
  • These celebrities have expressed their sadness

It is the news of the day. Lisa Marie Presley has moved on suddenly to the next life, adding to the list of famous faces that have already left us in 2023. Fans and celebrities around the world are mourning the daughter of music legend Elvis Presley including her good friend, legendary actor John Travolta.

Lisa Marie will always be fondly remembered

John Travolta knew Presley very well, and he said goodbye online to her with some touching lines for the world to see: "Lisa baby girl, I’m so sorry. I’ll miss you but I know I’ll see you again. My love and heart goes out to Riley, Priscilla, Harper and Finley", said John on his Instagram profile.

Also interesting:

But he's not the only one. Pop star Pink is also dismayed by the loss of the singer and posted about it as well. She wrote this on aphoto of the two together on her Instagram: "Oh, this one hurts my heart. Lisa Marie, you were one of a kind [...]"

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