• Johnny Depp's collaboration with Disney suffered because of his trial
  • The production company turned its back on the actor
  • Can Johnny Depp forgive Disney?

Is Johnny Depp (59) returning to the big screen soon? It's a question that thousands of people have asked online. Due to Amber Heard's (36) abuse allegations, Disney had canceled its collaboration with the Hollywood star and effectively blacklisted Depp in all of Hollywood...

Will Johnny Depp return as "Captain Jack Sparrow"?

And with that, Johnny Depp's portrayal of the role of "Captain Jack Sparrow" in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series became history for the time being. But Hollywood is a place for comebacks. And now there are surprising news, because according to The Sun the actor is to return to his signature role.

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"It is planned that Johnny will return as 'Captain Jack Sparrow''' a source told the newspaper. Filming on the new movie titled A Day at Sea, is slated to begin in February. The rumor mill has been buzzing ever since, and fans since can't wait to see their favorite pirate on screen again!

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