• Jonathan Lipnicki is a famous child star
  • Find out what he's been up to lately

“All children, except one, grow up.” In truth, all children in movies stay young just like "Peter Pan" but the child actors playing them do grow up. Every time you watch Stuart Little for instance, "George" will never change but Jonathan Lipnicki has.

Sometimes, child actors are able to transition into adulthood and keep their fame. Other times, they struggle and take some wrong turns.

Jonathan Lipnicki: The Little Boy From Stuart Little Today

In the case of Jonathan, he may not be as famous these days but you can't say he took a turn for the worst. While Family Guy may have poked fun with the fact that he is no longer as cute as before, he still looks amazing. 

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He is known for his philanthropy and athleticism. To learn even more about Jonathan, you can watch the video above!