The handsome Josh Holloway aka "James "Sawyer" Ford" in Lost has been happily married to the beautiful Yessica Kumala for more than one decade! Back in the day, the couple met in a bar in Los Angeles, where Yessica asked Josh to give her his number, "She looked me up and down and said, 'Give me your number before you leave,'" Josh Holloway said a couple of years ago. It seems there was a very strong connection between them from the very beginning!

Josh and Yessica started their relationship after exchanging messages for a short period of time and dated for about five years. After completing the shooting of the Lost pilot in Hawaii, the 50-year-old actor proposed. They got married in October 2004 and welcomed their first child, daughter Java Kumala in 2009; five years later in 2014 they welcomed their second child, Hunter Lee.

Who is Josh Holloway’s beautiful wife Yessica Kumala?

Yessica Kumala was born to Chinese parents in 1978 in Indonesia. Later she moved to the United States. Before meeting Josh -who is also known for starring in CSI: Crime Scene Investigationshe used to work at a night club in Los Angeles. More details about the gorgeous Yessica Kumala's life are still a mystery since she prefers to stay away from media attention. Fans have been wondering, for instance, what her net worth is, which is quite difficult to answer. In contrast, her husband Josh Holloway has a total net worth of roughly 22 million dollars. 

Josh Holloway and Yessica Kumala's relationship is considered to be one of the most successful ones in show business. There haven't been any negative rumors about their marriage - it seems like after all these years the love between them has gotten even stronger! They live a very happy life with their kids as can be seen on Josh Holloway's Instagram from time to time!

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They have been married for over 50 years!

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