• Julia Roberts has recently opened up
  • She has told fans about her drug use
  • THIS is Julia's suggestions to others

Every so often, you get a story like this one. In the bustling world of celebrity news it's refreshing to hear them very honest about something. "What's the hardest drug you ever tried," Cohen asked a very surprised Julia, who probably never saw that question coming in a million years.

Roberts answered "mushrooms," saying the experience "was nice" while flashing her famous smile. "Not gonna lie," she added. She's not the only celeb to confess to eating them.

Many have gone before her...

She's by no means the only celebrity to partake mushrooms. Celebs like Seth Rogen and Miley Cyrus talk about it all the time. However, it’s still illegal in most of the U.S., and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation warns that "Use of any drug always carries some risk."

Julia herself admitted to trying mushrooms, dubbing it the "hardest drug" she's ever sampled. But hold onto your hats, folks—she described the experience as "nice"!

"Kids, don't try it at home!" she chuckled, a nod to her responsible side. This Oscar-winning megastar didn't spill the beans on who joined her on this psychedelic adventure, but she sure left us wondering! Roberts also threw shade at 'Real Housewife' Jen Shah, citing her as her least favorite due to Shah's prison time for scamming the elderly. Talk about a no-nonsense judgment!

When it came to ranking her iconic films, Roberts played it coy, opting to "take the fifth" rather than stir the pot. Classic Julia, keeping us guessing!

Not her first time with "drugs"

Flashback to over 30 years ago, when she had to dismiss rumors that she had a problem with drugs when she called off her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland, three days before the ceremony.

"This started, I can only assume, because I was so thin. And it’s just absurd, you know. I don’t know how anybody who would do drugs could function. I don’t — nor have I ever done drugs — and I guess it’s boring to be sort of a young actor in Hollywood and not have a drug problem. Well, then, I’m boring, and that’s cool with me, because I’ve got clear skin and clean arms, and I’m just thin. Period. The end. Quit picking on me, you know," she said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 1991.

Fast forward to 2018, and Roberts was still advocating against substance abuse, calling the vaping trend "hideous" and sharing her proactive approach to discussing drugs with her three children.

Also interesting:

Julia Roberts, with her clear skin and clean arms, remains a beacon of health and sensibility in the wild world of Hollywood. She navigates the tricky waters of fame with grace, all while maintaining a tight-knit family dinner tradition.

So, what's the takeaway? Even A-listers like Roberts can have a wild story or two, but at the end of the day, it's family and honest conversations that keep them grounded. In any case, Julia's new project is generating buzz.

You can check out 'Leave the World Behind', streaming on Netflix from December 8.