• Julia Roberts looked unrecognizable at the start of her career
  • Her trademark smile was always present

Julia Roberts has been a vital component of Hollywood's film industry for several decades.

But at the beginning of her career, Julia Roberts looked completely different. Many people wouldn't even have recognized her back then.

Would you have recognized her with that look?

Roberts is known for her iconic long, red mane. Yet, almost three decades ago, she captivated audiences with a completely different look: a striking blonde bob.

The then 24-year-old accompanied Kiefer Sutherland on the red carpet wearing a black dress with a high neckline.

The actress's blonde hair cascaded in loose curls around her face, elegantly draping over her shoulders.

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The short hairstyle completely transforms Julia Roberts, but her bright smile remains unmistakable. In an all-black outfit and her voluminous blonde hair blown back, Julia Roberts' face looked impeccable.

Despite her slightly different appearance, the Hollywood star's trademark smile is instantly recognizable. Get more details, and see the look, in our video.