Justin Bieber to release his 5th studio album

It's been five years since Justin Bieber released new music, and fans are greatly anticipating his new album Changes, which will include his new hit "Yummy", as well as a new song that features Kehlani called "Get Me". 


The two will be going on tour together which will begin in May, featuring guest star Jaden Smith.

Bieber has also launched a documentary series on YouTube Originals, titled Justin Bieber: Seasons

The unscripted show tracks the pop star’s evolution in recent years, and gives viewers an intimate look into his life.

In Seasonsfirst episode released on Monday, Bieber opens up about how much his life has changed since releasing Purpose, including married life with Hailey Baldwin and prepping new music.

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“My life is changing a lot,” Bieber, 25, says towards the end of the 11-minute episode. “Getting married, getting back in the studio, talking about getting married, talking about the process and just being creative with being in this new chapter and being happy about what I’m doing.”

The 25 year old singer gives us a teaser of new content to tie us over until the much anticipated album Changes hits shelves and streaming platforms on February 14.