After eleven years of nerd-fabulousness, the hit comedy series, The Big Bang Theory, will be coming to an end. Kaley Cuoco (32), who plays main cast member Penny, has already been offered several new roles since it was announced that the series will be finishing next year. 

The Big Bang Theory cast

Kaley Cuoco has two new projects lined up

The blonde actress will still be gracing our TV screens, as Kaley Cuoco's first job after The Big Bang Theory finishes will be a part in a DC comic series. Kaley will also be working as a producer in the near future. She founded her own production company called Yes, Norman Productions back in 2017 and she will be co-producing two series. 

Kaley also has plans outside the world of show business. She revealed on The Talk that she wants to dedicate more time to riding. "I am a rider, I love horses. I would love to take on new challenges in this area. […] I would love to carry on travelling with my husband. And we would love to run a horse show".