Kanye West has an all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to politics.

The rapper and independent candidate for the 2020 U.S. presidential election joined podcaster Joe Rogan for a marathon interview that dropped on Saturday. In the nearly three-hour conversation, Rogan pressed West on the origin of his aspirations and why he's aiming for the White House as his entry into politics.

Kanye West shares his "calling" in Joe Rogan interview

In the interview, Rogan and West wasted no time in getting to the core of the rapper's shift to politics. "So, you're running for president," Rogan said, kicking off the show. "What made you decide to do that?"

"It was something that God put on my heart back in 2015," West revealed. "A few days before the MTV Awards, it hit me in the shower. And when I first thought of it, I just started laughing to myself and all this joy came over my body and through my soul. I felt that energy. I felt that spirit."

West said he's faced skeptics since announcing his presidential run, with music industry and tech figures doubting him. "They just really took it as a joke and they were telling me all these millions of reasons why I couldn't run for president," he said, before naming Oprah Winfrey as a naysayer.

"I remember running into Oprah," he recalled, "and she was like, 'You don't wanna be president.'" Rogan then mentioned speculation that Winfrey would enter politics following Donald Trump's win in 2016, prompting West to reflect on what Trump's presidency made him realize.

"When I saw Trump win, I was like, 'See?' you can win if you're coming from outside of politics." West then referenced Ronald Reagan, a former U.S. president who was known for earlier work as an actor. However, Rogan observed that Reagan "had actually proven himself as a politician," having served as the Governor of California prior to becoming the 40th President of the United States.

"I believe that my calling is to be the leader of the free world," West replied. "If it's in God's plan that part of my path is to be governor—then that's fine. But my calling is to be the leader of the free world," West said.

Watch Kanye West's Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode

You can watch the podcast episode in-full below. The discussion outlined above kicks off the nearly three-hour interview.

West's late presidential run has also been accompanied by concerning headlines related to his family life and well-being. Heading into election day, he made the ballot in only 12 states and continues to work at registering as a write-in candidate in other states.

Other celebrity world figures, meanwhile, have warned against voting for him, including Jennifer Aniston, who said: "It's not funny to vote for Kanye. I don't know how else to say it. Please be responsible."

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