Getting your kids to hunker down and eat what you make them can be a challenge, and Kate Hudson reveals her kids are no different!

All three of her children are different eaters, but she's got one mealtime rule she makes them follow! Hoping to keep them healthy, the actress reveals how she makes sure they're eating their veggies!

Kate Hudson says she's "a bit old school"

In an exclusive interview with People, Kate Hudson is opening up about how she gets her three kids, Ryder, 16, Bing, 9, and Rani Rose, 22 months, to eat their greens!

Kate Hudson attends the Michael Kors Collection Spring 2020 Runway Show.

"How do I get them to eat healthy? I cook what they're eating," she says. 

"I'm a bit old school like that," she said. "If Bing really has a fit and can't do it, then I'll maybe cook him something separately, but they get what they get."

She adds that she has "too many" kids to cook it all separately, and shares her secret is really that simple but adds that there is a wide age gap between them all, so some are pickier than others.

"They're all completely different eaters," she says. "None of them are the same."

She notes that her youngest and only daughter is at an age where she'll pretty much eat anything you give her.

"Rani will eat anything, like her whole being is about food. I feel like she's going to be a chef, she loves food and she'll eat anything," she said.

Hudson also says that her middle child is the "hardest by far", and has been since birth.

"He'll like something really weird," she said. "He'll be like, 'Oh, I love anchovies.' And you're like, 'What? What do you mean? Like, you can't eat cheese on a hamburger?'" she remarks. "He's my most challenging with food."