• Kate Winslet is a celebrated British screen actress
  • She is best know for her work in Titanic
  • Winslet had to deal with shameful tactics early in her career

It's not easy for any young actress who wants to break into the entertainment industry The constant scrutiny and objectification can be too much for most to take. Kate Winslet knows all about having to deal with that. When she was a student, she was told she would only be cast in "fat girl" roles!

Kate Winslet knew her value from the beginning

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Kate revealed how it was at the beginning of her career, and how producers looked at her, saying this: "It can be extremely negative. People are subject to scrutiny that is more than a young, vulnerable person can cope with". She is not the only woman to have faced the same situation.

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But there are good news on the horizon. The Titanic star went on to add that the film industry has changed over the years when it comes to body-shaming, but for the better...

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