When one thinks daytime TV, Kelly Ripa is one face you won't forget! However, the 50-year-old is revealing she's almost ready to retire that role, and take on a more backstage approach to production.

Not only did she reveal her love of writing, but the Live! co-host also shares the respect she has for Ryan Seacrest, making it hard to bow out earlier.

Kelly Ripa wants to retire from TV

Kelly Ripa, a fixture and icon in the daytime television world, revealed how she feels about her career after recently turning the big five-oh. As it turns out, the host is looking to explore a different role than the one she's had for the last two decades.

In a recent interview with Parade, Ripa reveals how she's been channelling a new passion, one that might take her more behind the scenes of live television. 

"I've been writing a lot," she said. "So my goal ultimately would be to eventually get off camera and start working behind the camera more in that creative aspect because I really do enjoy the writing process so much."

However, it would seem one big setback for the TV star is her co-host, Ryan Seacrest.

"I talk about this with Ryan all the time because I was really looking to retire like by now, but Ryan Seacrest is so fabulous to work with and he is such a good friend," she said. 

"We've been friends for two decades, and I've got to tell you he is really such a draw to me there," she continued. 

She then added how much she loves working with Seacrest, and says, "He makes every day feel like I'm not working and that's when you know you have a great working relationship."

In 2016, Ripa spent almost a full year trying out different hosts for her show, before landing on Seacrest. She spoke to People in 2017 about what made her pick him.

"It had to be somebody we would all want to hang out with — and not just on camera," she explained. "Because we all do hang out together when we're not on-camera. That's an important thing."

"He is just so professional and kind to everyone — and it's not just 'on-camera kind,'" she continued. "He doesn't turn it on and off. He’s kind backstage, and he's kind first thing in the morning."

Live! With Kelly and Ryan airs every weekday on ABC. 


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