Kendall Jenner relived her cheerleading days

Kendall Jenner joined Ellen DeGeneres Thursday, and admitted that she loved new the Netflix show Cheer, Morgan Simianer in particular. 

Per the Ellen way, Jenner was surprised and all smiles when DeGeneres said, "I love her too," and called Simianer on stage.

The cheerleader and model hugged it out, and Jenner was gifted a Navarro College cheer uniform.

“I have a surprise for you,” Simianer tells Jenner. “One of our cheer uniforms for you, because girl you look good in everything.”


It didn't take long before Jenner got in the Navarro College cheer uniform

Ellen producer Andy Lassner joined in on the fun, and the two were shown how to do a “prep” stunt — where the flyer stands on two bases’ hands and is risen up with their arms in a high V position.

Jenner completed the stunt effortlessly, after a little encouragement, and exclaims,“This is crazy!”.

Though his execution wasn’t as effortless as Jenner’s, Lassner still manages to complete the stunt.

The championship cheerleading team that comes from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas appeared on Ellen last week, where they were gifted 20,000$ curtesy of Shutterfly. 

Cheer is available for streaming on Netflix.