• Kevin Costner is a renown actor and producer
  • He is venturing into a new coffee business
  • THIS is what we know about it

You will be able to start your mornings with a cup of joe specially crafted by Kevin Costner pretty soon. The actor has partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to unveil a new line of "freshly inspired coffee blends," according to an announcement by parent company Keurig Dr Pepper. 

Kevin Costner is now a coffee connoisseur

Costner, who is known for his roles in epics like 'Yellowstone,' is blending his personal flair into a series of coffee blends that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The headliner of this aromatic show? The Horizon Blend by Kevin Costner, hitting the virtual shelves of keurig.com this December 18!

Described as a "smoky dark roast inspired by the American West," this blend is not just a nod to Costner's love for the frontier but also serendipitously echoes the title of his upcoming Western flick, 'Horizon: An American Saga.' Coincidence? We think not! This seems to be a great bit of marketing.

The man himself, typically a stranger to partnerships, took to Instagram to share his excitement about his "#collab" debut. "It was the best outcome I could have imagined," Costner gushed about the coffee crafting experience with the Green Mountain team.

But wait, there's more! To mark this special occasion, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is brewing up some goodwill by donating a generous $100,000 to Root Capital, a non-profit supporting agricultural businesses. Talk about coffee with a cause!

"Alongside the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters team, we embarked on a journey of exploration, experimenting with various concepts. They were able to help guide me through the process where my opinion was valued and incorporated. It was the best outcome I could have imagined," Costner wrote in the announcement. 

But the question remains: Why coffee, Kevin Costner? Aside from the fact that he perhaps has a penchant for alliteration. 

"I have the job I do, and it's given me a lot of notoriety," he explains, "But when we get down to core issues, I feel like I can relate to people and create stories that people relate to. And for a lot of people, the day starts with coffee. Certainly, mine does," Kevin said.

Also interesting:

"The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters team’s unwavering dedication to responsible sourcing and great tasting coffee made this an authentic partnership for me," Kevin stated in the press release. "To be able to harness this passion is something I’m incredibly grateful for. And we have some more great things coming that I think everyone’s really going to like."

So, coffee connoisseurs and Costner fans, circle your calendars! It's not just a cup of joe; it's a sip of the Wild West, crafted by Hollywood royalty.