On Wednesday night, Kevin Hart appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was very clear in his decision to decline hosting the Oscars this year. He also made it very clear that he has no regrets and would not have handled the situation any differently. Hart stated, "I'm just over it, it's an onion. So no matter how many many times you keep peeling it, it's just endless. There's no end to it."

After all of the drama and backlash since the reveal of Kevin as host in early December, we hope that things will finally settle down for both Kevin Hart and the Academy as they search for a new host. No new prospect has been revealed to host the Oscars this year and we believe that they will wait until the dust settles before stirring anything else up.

Despite Kevin saying that he will not be hosting the 2019 Oscars, he did mention that he was going to be "fire" and already had some great jokes and ideas in mind. Telling Stephen Colbert that "I was going to be good. I had some stuff. I had some heat. I had some real good jokes" and then proceeded to tease about some of the jokes we could have heard. 

As for the LGBTQ community, Kevin Hart apologized again on his SiriusXM show, Straight From the Hart on Monday for his past homophobic remarks. He knows that what he did is wrong and he hopes that the LGBTQ community is willing to forgive him and understand that he has changed and grown. 

Kevin Hart

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