• Kim Kardashian wore a Marilyn Monroe dress on the red carpet
  • Her after-party look was another Monroe dress
  • She shared the look on her Instagram

Marilyn Monroe would be proud! Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet in the iconic "naked" dress, the very exact one that Monroe herself wore to a birthday dinner for John F. Kennedy. It was revealed this Friday that Kardashian also wore another Monroe dress to the after-party!

Kim Kardashian inspired by Marilyn Monroe

While some people weren't a fan of the idea that Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe's dress to the Met Gala, they better hold onto their hats as it's been revealed she actually wore two of Marilyn's outfits!

The original dress, the nude and very tight dress with thousands of hand-sewn crystals, almost pales in comparison to the green dress that Kardashian wore to the after-party!

Many weren't pleased with a piece of history being worn on the red carpet, but Kardashian changed into a replica the moment she went inside so that the dress wouldn't be damaged. The same was said for her after-party look.

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The TV personality also faced some backlash after she revealed that she lost 16lbs in 3 weeks to fit the dress. Actress Lili Reinhart slammed Kardashian on Twitter saying that it was "so wrong" Kardashian spoke on her weight loss journey when tons of women look up to her.

She said Kardashian's comments were "ignorant" and "other-worldly disgusting". Yikes! 

Kardashian didn't respond directly to Reinhart herself, but she did post to her Instagram stories following the backlash that she's "not always right", and that she must be open to "teachable" moments.

She also said that she was "extremely respectful" with the dress, saying to Vogue, "I’m extremely respectful to the dress and what it means to American history. I would never want to sit in it or eat in it or have any risk of damage to it."