Kim Novak had an outstanding career as an actress in the 50's and 60's. Some of her incredible credits include The Man with the Golden Arm (1955), Bell, Book and Candle (1958) and of course, Vertigo (1958). On Sunday, the retired American actress sat down with CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Mo Rocca in a candid interview that discussed her personal life and career both inside and outside of Hollywood.

Kim Novak was "bullied" by Donald Trump 

Novak talked about being bullied on social media by none other than the POTUS, Donald Trump. During the 2014 Oscars, Novak was presenting an award with Matthew McConaughey when Trump tweeted about her plastic surgery, urging her "to sue her plastic surgeon". He later apologized however Kim has now said, "I still would've rather Trump hadn't said that."

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Kim Novak adored Hitchcock 

The 86-year-old also touched on her career in Hollywood in the 50's and 60's noting that Columbia mogul "Harry Cohn was frightening, my father was frightening - they had that in common." Going on to say that she loved her father even though he terrified her. Novak however had a much easier relationship with famous director Alfred Hitchcock, saying that she "adored him!" She praised Hitchcock for allowing her total freedom when it came to performing in Vertigo.

Kim Novak is still painting today

After deciding to leave Hollywood, Novak moved to Portland and decided to take up painting which she told fans at a 2019 exhibition that, "my art is really my love - it's where my heart is."  It has been nearly 30 years since Kim starred in her last film role and she has been married to Robert Malloy since 1976 and they currently reside in Oregon. She has no biological children, however 2 adult step children from her marriage to Robert. Kim is still keeping busy with her art today!

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