Jenner gives Kim the signature Kylie 'look'

Everyone knows Jenner is a makeup guru, owning one of North America's hottest make up brand, Kylie Cosmetics. With such an influential big sister like Kim Kardashian West, it is no wonder the two have a special bond.

Earlier this week, Kylie uploaded to her YouTube page the two beauty moguls answering fans burning questions, all the while Jenner giving her big sis a makeover.

"I'm not your average makeup artist," says Jenner, as Kardashian West hilariously replies to the youngest billionaire, "Duh, you're Kylie Jenner." 

"I would be a makeup artist if I wasn't Kylie Jenner"

Kylie also went on to talk about her secret side no one gets to really see. 

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"I've always sung everything," Jenner says. "I sing-talk, ever since i was like, younger." 

A few months ago Jenner became an internet sensation in response to her office tour, where she can be heard singing "rise and shine" to her daughter Stormi. 

Watch the full video below to get the inside scoop on the Kar-Jenner duo!