Being a teenager can always be a struggle, especially if you're being bullied. Lady Gaga's mother, Cynthia, opens up about her daughter's past, and how her battle with bullying sent her daughter into a deep depression.

The unstoppable mother-daughter duo has taken up writing a novel, and are making sure that no other teen has to suffer in the same ways.

Lady Gaga opens up about her past

Lady Gaga is getting honest about the realities many teenagers face at the hands of bullying. Her mother, Cynthia, opens up about what it was like witnessing such pain being inflicted on her own daughter.

"I didn't know how to stand up for myself without feeling embarrassed," Gaga tells People in an exclusive interview. She then revealed that this caused her to internalize a lot of her pain, and reject asking for help.

"There was a shame of sharing some of this with me. And I feel horrible about that," Cynthia revealed. "I was raised differently, where you just have to be tough and not talk about your emotions. I didn't always understand the difference between normal biological teenage development and a real problem."

Despite Gaga's huge success, it wasn't until recently that the two have been able to have an open dialogue about such things.

In 2012, the two started their own foundation Born This Way, in hopes that youths are able to express their struggle, and have since healed their relationship through their work.

Now, they're hoping others can learn how to help heal with their latest project, a novel, Channel Kindness.

Gaga and her mother release a book

Channel Kindness was written in hopes that it will inspire a new generation that will end bullying and create peace.

"These are the things that create highways from heart to heart, where we can hold compassion and empathy, where we can celebrate everybody's resilience," Gaga said of the book, which will feature 51 short stories of youth around the world overcoming battles.

"When I was younger and had mental issues, my mom didn't know how to communicate with me about it," she adds. "We've found a way to channel kindness into our lives in a way that's also healed our relationship."

The two women have since formed an unbreakable bond, and have moved on from the pain of their past. 

"We've learned to be more open and honest with one another. She helped me do that," Cynthia says of her daughter.

"I'm just really grateful that my mom holds space for me to be able to talk about how I feel," Gaga responded. "And because of that, we have a very healthy relationship that is beautiful."

Fans can expect to order the book on September 22 of this year.