Cynthia Germanotta appeared on the Today Show's digital series "Through Moms Eyes" on Sunday January 26th and she talked about Stefani (Lady Gaga) growing up, what's it like to watch Lady Gaga perform and on the big screen and all about the "Born This Way" foundation.

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Lady Gaga, or Stefani, as her mother Cynthia calls her, went through some struggles during her childhood which led her to suffer from depression. Her mother Cynthia, who has a very close bond with Lady Gaga, talked about how she didn't actually know the extent of her daughter's depression when she was younger. 

The "Born This Way Foundation" 

"I felt where I made mistakes was I didn't' really know the warning signs to look for," Cynthia shared. It was in 2012 when Cynthia and Lady Gaga teamed up together to launch the "Born This Way Foundation" which was their way of empowering the next generation to help them with their emotional and mental struggles. 

While talking about the foundation, Germanotta said that "It’s something that’s very, very personal to us and it goes back to the struggles Stefani had growing up. She envisioned a world where young people were better equipped to deal with her struggles than she was." 

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Check out everything Cynthia had to say about Lady Gaga in the video above!  

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