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'Laramie': This Is Robert Fuller's Birth Name

Robert Fuller has a very different birth name. Find out what it is here! 

Robert Fuller began his career on television primarily on Western programs. One of his most popular roles was in Laramie from 1959 to 1963. He had a very successful career, but you wouldn't recognize him from his birth name... 

Robert Fuller was born on July 29th, 1933 in Troy, New York. He is 88 years old now and has had two wives and has three children. Many people still praise him today as a wonderful talent in shows like Laramie, Emergency!, Wagon Train, Walker, Texas Ranger and The Alaska Kid. But do you know what his birth name is?

Robert Fuller and Elisa Montes in "Return of the Magnificent Seven"


Robert Fuller: This is his birth name

Robert Fuller's birth name is Leonard Leroy "Buddy" Lee. He was the only child of dance instructor Betty Simpson and Robert Simpson Sr. who was a Naval Academy officer. At the age of six, the family moved to Key West, Florida and he took the name Robert Simpson Jr. He kept this name through school, Military school, a job as a stunt man and a job as a doorman until he was 18 years old.

Robert Fuller at a western festival in 2006

Robert Simpson Jr. to Robert Fuller  

At the age of 18, Robert Simpson Jr. was working at Grauman's Chinese Theatre and worked his way up to Assistant Manager. It was his friends that urged him to join the Screen Actors Guild and embark on a career in acting. He then changed his name from Robert Simpson Jr. to Robert Fuller and that is the name by which he is most prominently known today.