• Leni Klum was in the audience at the 'GNTM' finale
  • She styled herself particularly different
  • She looked like Ariana

On Thursday, the long-awaited finale to the German series 'GNTM' aired. Heidi Klum's daughter Leni also attended - not on stage, but in the front row of the audience, as you can see in her Instagram story. Leni got all dressed up for the big evening and suddenly looked completely different.

Leni Klum remembers Ariana Grande

In her Instagram story, Leni Klum posted a picture in which she is holding lipstick in her hand and making a kissy face with her eyes closed.

Leni Klum on Instagram

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With the make-up Leni Klum has applied here and the hairstyle, the young model looks completely different. A certain resemblance to a music megastar is hard to miss: Leni looks like Ariana Grande in this photo...