• Leon Draisaitl is one of the NHL's best players
  • The German star plays for the Edmonton Oilers
  • This is his girlfriend Celeste Desjardins

All eyes are on Leon Draisaitl these days. The Oilers star continues to pile up points with Connor McDavid, and he even had a recent dust-up with an Edmonton reporter.

But fans want to know more about the German NHL star. If you follow Draisaitl online, you may have noticed him spending a lot of time with a special lady. Turns out it's his girlfriend.

Leon Draisaitl's girlfriend Celeste Desjardins is an actress

Leon Draisaitl's girlfriend is the Canadian actress Celeste Desjardins. They've been together since at least 2018, when they both started posting couple's pictures on Instagram.

Leon Draisaitl and girlfriend Celeste Desjardins

Ever since, Leon and Celeste proudly show off their love. We last saw them at NHL All-Star Weekend, where Celeste called their posse — with Connor McDavid and his GF Lauren Kyle — the "best crew."

Also interesting:

Draisaitl and Desjardins also have a puppy named Bowie and document their family's adventures on an Instagram page.

Who is Celeste Desjardins? Her TV shows and movies

What else is there to know about Celeste Desjardins? Well, she was born in Sudbury, Ontario, in 1996. She's a year younger than her German-born boyfriend Leon Draisaitl.

We also mentioned that Celeste is an actress. So what has she been in? Her IMDb page lists 15 screen credits in TV and film, including episodes of notable shows like Haven, Good Witch, and Taken. She's also lined up to star in a new film called Skate God.

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